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Hotspot Shield vpn for Android download

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN (Virtual Private Network)

El mejor y más rápido de VPN

VPN for Android

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

Enjoy the following benefits with Hotspot Shield for Android

  • Protect your privacy and identity with encrypted browsing
  • Get full access to blocked websites from anywhere
  • Protect Your Device from Malware
  • Quick setup and easy to use

Why You Need Hotspot Shield VPN for Your Android

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android enables you to protect your privacy and identity, access blocked websites, and browse the Web anonymously.
But unlike other consumer VPNs for Android, Hotspot Shield offers you many other useful benefits and features:
  • Unblock any website - Are you annoyed that you can’t access your favorite websites in certain locations? In some cases governments have put location-based restrictions on certain websites. In other cases, it is the content service itself that has restricted access. Hotspot Shield allows you to bypass internet filters and access all the websites that you want with its US IP address.
  • Access Facebook and YouTube from school or work on your Android with our free VPN solution. It bypasses the internet filter and firewalls set by your network administrator to give you uncensored access to all the content you want.
  • Get complete protection from cybercriminals - Web spies, snoopers, botnets, and hackers often monitor unencrypted hotspots to catch a soft target. Our VPN solution hides your IP address from snoopers and protects your personal data from being hacked and used against you.
  • Complete WiFi security – Public WiFi hotspots are not secure and any information that you send over such networks is public and is available for any user to view and misuse. If you are a traveler and you use your Android device often at hotels, airports, coffee shops and other hotspots, our Hotspot Shield VPN application is especially beneficial and useful for you
  • Browse the Web in complete anonymity – Our VPN for Android application hides your IP address. This protects you from not only web hackers but also your ISP, who logs your web activities. Unlike your Internet Service Provider or ISP, we do not log your web activities and we are committed to your privacy.

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